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Technical questions most often asked of us relate to our personal equipment and advices about lenses and postproduction approach due to the digital equipment we use.
First of all we would like to clarify that we consider the camera equipment and the postproduction to be the least important factor in the creation of a good picture.
We believe the most important elements of a good photograph are our personal vision, the light and the composition.
In regards to approaching our subjects, we try not to be overwhelmed by the subject instead focusing on composition and light.
Having said all of this, in practice all our pictures are taken with 35 mm DSLR cameras, a heavy tripod, if required, and a variety of lenses from 14 mm to 600 mm. We use only one brand of camera and lenses but not only always the most expensive. We use some special lenses like tilt-and-shift for special purposes in macro-photography  and for architecture.
When photographing landscape, our goal is to capture the "sense of place" which means to catch the special light of "that place" and the marks that make "that place" different from the others.
When photographing wildlife, our goal is to capture the nature and personality of the subject. Creating an intimate portrait for the viewer depends on strong detail and color with an emphasis on lighting again.
We are always shooting in RAW mode and the post processing of our files goes through Photoshop avoiding too much heavy file manipulation.
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